A caring and compassionate touch of a skilled therapist are key components to igniting rejuvenation and transformation therefore allowing the body & mind to relax.

Giselle Toran, LMT
Giselle Toran, LMT

My journey as a massage therapist began in the mid 1980s after receiving my first professional massage. The relaxation and soothing touch I experienced was the catalyst that inspired me to pursue an education in the powerful healing art of massage therapy. The transformative affects of that first massage remains in my memory to this present day. I continue to hold the same inspiration and wish to assist others, you, in experiencing mind-body relaxation by way of therapeutic massage one session at a time.

The combination of a full time ‘hands on’ practice of 30 plus years and numerous continuing education massage trainings, has allowed me to successfully help clients of all ages, sizes and with differing muscular complaints and conditions. You can expect a tailored – customized massage session to specifically meet your needs.

I can help assist you in feeling relief from the following conditions.

Arthritis & Tendonitis

Tension Headaches

Post-Operative Swelling

Sprains and Strains

Neck & Shoulder Tension

Low Back Stiffness

High Blood Pressure

Poor Circulation

Venus Insufficiency

Stress & Anxiety


Plantar Fasciitis

My specialities include Manual Lymph Drainage & Lymphatic Therapies for post operative care and for general better health. Therapeutic Dynamic Massage cupping to relieve sinus congestion, reduce arthritic inflammation and relieve sore tight muscles.

Dynamic Cupping therapy helps to relieve tired achy feet as well as the tightness and soreness associated with plantar fasciitis.