Welcome to The Stress Break…meant to be your moment of relaxation and wellness with, Giselle Toran massage therapist.

Giselle Toran, LMT

My journey as a massage therapist began in the mid 1980s. The experience of a soothing touch, along with the incredible relaxation experience, was the catalyst that sparked my inspiration in learning how to become a massage therapist.

I continue to hold the memory of that transformative experience. It fuels my dedication to assist others in experiencing mind-body relaxation by way of a soothing and caring touch.

Throughout my career, I have practiced a variety of massage styles to help clients of all ages and with different muscular conditions. You can expect a customized and relaxing massage experience.

I specialize in manual lymphatic drainage for relaxation and mild swelling relief, post-operative recovery lymph drainage massage, massage cupping to relieve tight muscles and improve circulation and relaxing therapeutic massage.

My ideal massage client is someone who is in good health and either seeks general muscular tension relief and stress reduction, as well as clients seeking post operative care from cosmetic surgery and joint replacement procedures.

I do not massage the elderly nor people with serious illnesses or chronic diseases. For example, cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation and recent cancer survivors.

My practice is located within a safe and quiet mixed residential/business neighborhood on the northern end of Peachtree Dunwoody Rd in Sandy Springs, Georgia. 

You can expect a clean, professional and quiet massage setting with up to date massage equipment, with a wide and sturdy stationary table for large and tall folks and specialized cushions for women with amble sized breasts. Your comfort is important!

Once in the massage room and after you share with me your concerns and how you would like to feel after receiving your massage, I get busy with making sure your comfort needs are in place and the temperature in the room and music are just right. The massage lotion is warmed to body temperature and is a professional non-greasy, unscented and non-staining. I do not use oils.