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Lymphatic Facial Massage

Massage CuppingEnjoy the numerous benefits of a twice per week lymphatic facial massage cupping and or body massage cupping series.

Buy 5 sessions in advance and get the 6th session FREE!

Want to look your best for  a special event?  Twice weekly lymphatic facial massage with cupping will reduce puffiness and fine lines while boosting collagen and elastin helping you to look vibrant and youthful.

What about preparing for a cosmetic surgical procedure? Two sessions the week prior to surgery can help prepare your skin to heal faster from the surgical trauma. Use the remaining 4 treatment session for post surgery swelling and promotion of quicker healing.

Have allergies? The gentle rhythmic treatment of each session helps to loosen sinus congestion and relieve headaches that come along with spring allergies.

Suffer from TMJ Disorder? Again the gentle suction assists in the release of muscular tension and congested tissue aiding in increased circulation providing relief.

What about scars? Cupping works remarkably well in softening scar tissue and the appearance can be changed drastically with a few short repeated applications.

6 – 30 minute sessions – Lymphatic Facial Massage Cupping = $325 (Save $65)

6 – 60 minute sessions – Lymphatic Body Massage Cupping = $525 (Save $105)

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  1. Skeptical about having the use of cupping on your face? No worries, I am able to do all of the lymphatic facial massage with my hands. I am also capable of providing you with a combo session with cups and my hands. It’s all up to what you feel comfortable with receiving.

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