* 24 hour cancellation notice applies for all scheduled services *

Post Surgery – Manual Lymph Drainage Treatment

  • $85 – 45 mins

NOTE: Please wait 7 to 10 days post surgery to begin treatment.
No Pain and Extremely Gentle! This is the most gentle type of hands on therapy your body will crave for a safe and efficient recovery.

  • Great for Liposuction Recovery, Breast Procedures, Tummy Tucks, Face & Eye procedures and Fat Transfers.
  • MLD will relieve swelling and soreness while assisting the healing process of the body. Deeply relaxing and restorative.


Lymphatic Facial & Neck Massage (optional dynamic cupping)

  • $85 – 45 mins

Gentle, soothing and rejuvenating to the skin. This treatment will help relieve puffiness under the eyes, aid in draining stuffy sinuses and reduce swelling from cosmetic surgery procedures. Assists in reducing fine lines. Dynamic cupping is gentle and will not leave any marks enhancing circulation and contributing to a deeper cleansing of the skin in one session. Enjoy a thorough neck massage to help relieve tension

Manual Lymph Drainage for Relaxation & Mild Edema Relief

  • $100 – 60 mins

Schedule this session for general cleansing & relaxation needs. If you experience bloating on a regular basis, or have mild edema in your feet and legs. Do you have an auto-immune disorder and need relief from those nagging symptoms, this type of session is great for you. Are you a breast cancer survivor experiencing mild lymphedema from lymph node removal? This is session is works great for you too.

Manual Lymph Drainage & Therapeutic Massage Combo

  • $135 – 75 mins

Missing that massage when you get your Manual Lymphatic Drainage session? Not sure if you need just a MLD session? Now you can have both! A customized combination of manual lymph drainage along with a relaxing therapeutic style massage to soothe and refresh your body and mind. A blissful 75 minute session.

Therapeutic Massage with Massage Aids

$110 – 60 mins

A powerful combination of therapies. Starting with a relaxing Swedish style pressure massage to warm up the muscles. Next the percussion massage aid to target stubborn knotted areas while ending with a soothing style massage. The percussion massage tool replaces direct hands-on deep tissue pressure by the therapist. It is great for relieving post workout soreness, stubborn tightness in glutes, quads and hamstrings.


Therapeutic Massage + Dynamic Cupping

  • $125 – 60 mins
  • $160 – 90 mins

A therapeutic combination blend of relaxing massage with the addition of *dynamic cupping to efficiently and effectively enhance circulation, lymph flow and relax tight muscles. Choose this service for muscle soreness and stiffness relief, workout recovery and scar reduction.
*Dynamic = moving of cups. No marks left on body like you see on professional athletes.

*24 Hour Cancellation Policy*

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, I request that you notify me no less than 24 hours in advance so that your appointment can be rescheduled, avoid forfeiting your prepayment, as well as, enabling me to open that slot for someone else in need. Thank you for complying with this request.