What is Cupping?

Two Main Types – Dynamic & Static

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Cupping therapy is a modern healing arts approach to an ancient therapy. It is the application of gentle and firm suction, by way of glass, polycarbonate or silicon cups of various sizes. The size of cups vary to match the body contour. Larger cups are used for the broad areas of the back, where as smaller cups for the face and feet. Its purpose is to enhance healing with little discomfort to the body. It is not an irritant to the skin, in fact it cleanses the skin and has a sedative, relaxing effect on the nervous system. There are two main types of cupping therapies, Dynamic (cups in motion) and Static (cups are still) . Both application types have specific outcomes.

Static Cupping

Is great to relieve tired and tense muscle areas while leaving a relaxing affect. Notice the beginning of the vasodilation occurring within the cupping area.

Differing Suction Intensities for Different Results

With static cupping, medium or strong suction is applied to stressed muscle regions for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on the level of toxicity and muscle tension, a strong static vacuum will leave visible rounded cupped marks. These marks are not bruises, but actual blood rising to the service of the cupped area.

Applying strong suction with dynamic cupping (movement), will mimic the rolling action of a deep tissue massage stroke without the discomfort associated with targeted deep pressure. The movement is draining style, long, circular and stimulating for stubborn knots and areas of rigid tightness.

What about the application of gentle dynamic suction? Just as strong dynamic cupping, gentle suction creates increased circulation, vasodilation. The skin becomes pink in color and free of any cupping marks. Gentle dynamic cupping works well with moving the lymphatics, relieving sinus congestion and inflammation caused by arthritis. Soothing and relaxing to experience.