abmp09_11-1The purpose of a lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage is to move lymph fluid toward the lymph nodes of the body, which are the filtering regions for the lymph fluid.  More than half of the body’s lymph system is  directly located just below the surface of the skin and flows in a specific direction. This superficial location of  lymph nodes and vessels require a gentle and rhythmic touch from a trained massage therapist in lymphatic drainage sessions.  In addition to the gentle rhythmic touch, knowledge of the specific directional paths of lymph fluid drainage is vital in providing an effective lymph drainage session.

What are the benefits and purpose for receiving a lymphatic massage?

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So which name is it?

Lymphatic Drainage?  Lymph Massage?  Lymphatic Massage or Manual Lymph Drainage?

Answer:  Lymphatic Drainage and Manual Lymph Drainage

These are two distinct names an applications of manually moving lymph within the body gently and to improve health.

Manual Lymph Drainage commonly referred to as MLD was developed by Emil Vodder PhD and his wife, Estrid Vodder, ND in the 1930’s. It’s often called the “Vodder Technique”.

Lymphatic Drainage developed by French Osteopath Dr. Bruno Chikly in 1990’s. Who still is teaching students today. Referred to as the “Chikly Method”.